Cheddars is not bad for a chain. The food is usually pretty good.  The Longview, TX location sometimes has bad service (not the last 3 or 4 times though).  This visit, I had the lemon pepper chicken with green beans and fries. 

 Now notice there aren’t any fries, they brought it out with cole slaw. The waitress did switch it out and gave me a double order of fries, so I consider that good service.


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

I went to Fuzzy’s for lunch.  

I really like the look of the place.

I ordered the enchalada plate with two soft shredded chicken tacos on the side.

The food was really good.  They were big helpings, so plenty of food.

My sister and mother shared the shredded chicken nachos.

They enjoyed them as well.  

I would definitely go back again.

On the Border

I finally made it to On the Border in Longview. It usually is really crowded but went early for lunch.  

The chips and salsa are really good.  The service was great.  I ordered my standard, chili relleno, best way to compare with all the other Mexican restaurants.  

The food was good but coming out of kitchen it wasn’t really very warm.  The grilled vegetables were not cooked all the way for my taste.  

Over all this is a good place to go but I wouldn’t put it above Jalapeño Tree, Papacitas, or Posadas.  All are pretty much the same. 


Had breakfast at Dennys with my mom, brother and nephew.  I’ve always been an IHOP fan but Dennys is growing on me.  The food was good, close to what IHOP has.  

I had the Lumberjack slab, so it had a little of everything .   

The picture above is the plate but also included two pancakes which were still cooking.

My brother had some hash brown type plate with eggs.  

IHOP Christmas

IHOP is my favorite breakfast place to eat. they have a large variety of food and you can even mix and match. 

They have several Christmas pancakes. I decided to try the eggnog pancakes.  they are really good, very rich. 

So go out and get you some pancakes. Don’t just wait for holidays to try them out.

Went back to IHOP and tried the Pumpkin Pancakes.  I really enjoyed them. They are not too rich or sweet

 I like them better than the Eggnog pancakes.  

Jucy’s Hamburgers

There are 5 locations, 2 in Longview,  2 in Tyler and 1 in Marshall. I’ve eaten at both Longview and both Tyler locations and every one of them have wonderful burgers, fries and onion rings.  My recent trip was to the Longview Eastman road location.  

I don’t usually eat beans but they have some nice and spicy beans.

I usually get the Diablo burger.  It has most everything on it like bacon.  It also gas jalapeños and is apicy.

They don’t give you very many onion rings but what you get are very large and tasty.