Went to Milano’s Restaurant and Bistro in Longview, Texas.  It’s a nice little place with a better atmosphere than Olive Garden (no where near as busy).  

We both had the Chicken Parmigiana and side salad.

The sale was good, I did ask for Italian dressing but was given ranch instead.  Seemed lime there were only two people working. 

The main meal was very good and they give you a large amount.  Definitely a place to go back to at some point. 

Lark on the Park

A nice little upscale restaurant that’s on the artsy side located near the Dallas Museum of Art. I had lunch at Lark with several of mu students on an Art Club trip to the DMA. The students wanted to eat somewhere nice. 

They invite local artists to draw on the several large chalkboards inside the restaurant.

I ordered a hamburger and fries. 

I always order my burger to be well done but these upscale places always bring it with a little pink inside.  This one wasn’t that bad and tasted good.  

The place was crowded, being a Saturday it was understandable.  I’m not much of a crowd person and don’t like a lot of noise, so the atmospherest wasn’t to my liking.

The Art we saw was great.

If you like upscalr, artsy, crowded and loud places, then you will like this place. I will try a different place next tile I go to the DMA.

Mojo Burger Co.

Mojo Burger Co is located on 7th and Maiden Lane in Joplin, Mo.  I’ve been here a few times, mainly for their spaghetti red (since Fred & Red’s hasn’t reopened yet).  

I like the spaghetti red from there, usually give you a decent amount.

Always a good choice.  The hamburgers are good too. They give you a lot of fries with your order.  Give it a try if you are in Joplin. 

Norma’s Diner

Norma’s Diner on Main St. in Joplin, Mo is one of those throwback style restaurants (I mean that in a good way). It’s like a mom and pop restaurant with country type food (similar to Cracker Barrel) without a corporate influence.

I’ve been there a couple of times, once for breakfast, and twice for lunch/dinner.  

For breakfast, I had pancakes and eggs.  The pancakes are large and delicious.

They have several breakfast choices.

On one of visits, I had the meatloaf dinner. The meatloaf was very good and moist.  The other time I went I had the Norma’s spaghetti (no picture) which was huge and made with jalapeƱos,  so it had a little spice.

The atmosphere is nice, not too crowded and fairly quiet.  I would highly recommend you try this restaurant if you are ever in Joplin.

Avinger Pizza & Subs

I love me some pizza, so I had to try this place.  I’ve been back a few times.  I love the building with the high ceiling.  I would go more frequently but I spend most of my time about 40 miles away.  

I usually get the Hanan Special which is basically a supreme.  The pizza is very good with plenty of meat.  

I’m not really sure why this place never seems busy.  Maybe it’s just the timing of my visits.  

I would definitely recommend this place if you are ever in the Avinger area. Everything is priced reasonable. 

Julia Belle’s

On our trip back from North Carolina, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach then back the southern route.  We stopped at Julia Belle’s restaurant for the Fried green tomato blt.  

The restaurant is located in a farmer’s market but is not too hard to find.

Fried green tomato blt sandwiches are plentiful in South Carolina but this one was really good.  It came with homemade chips. 

It is worth the drive off the main hwy to get there.

The Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop

While visiting my brother Dennis in North Carolina, he took us to the Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop in Fayetteville.

I had a fried turkey club with fried okra on the side.  The sandwich was very good.

Definitely a place to try if you make it through Fayetteville.   They are extremely busy so be prepared to wait for a little while.  Still worth the wait.  

132 Person St., Fayetteville, NC.