Every year in New Braunfels, Texas between Austin and San Antonio is a great little festival called Wurstfest.  There you will enjoy, food, music, dancing, carnival rides and games.  They have German, Texan and domestic beer, host special events and great Bavarian entertainment.

      DSCN0674  DSCN8440
I’ve been to Wurstfest a couple of times and enjoyed every visit. The music is good and the food is great.  They have a large marketplace with various vendors selling food, beer, clothing and souvenirs.

wurstfest01   DSCN0670   DSCN8434
The biggest drawback is that it can be very expensive if you want to experience as much as you can, so plan on bringing some money as it is worth experiencing.

DSCN0630   DSCN0628
All of the food that I have had from any of the vendors was wonderful.  If you like Bavarian food, you will have a great time.

wurstfest02   DSCN0677  
There is a large hall next to the marketplace for dancing or you can just listen and eat while watching others dance. 


Wurstfest is three days long so take some time in November and try out some Bavarian food, drink and good time.


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