Roadhouse Bastrop

About 30 miles East of Austin is a great little town called Bastrop.  I frequented the town quite a bit so you will see multiple postings.  My first is a great restaurant called Roadhouse (don’t confuse it with the steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse).  The Roadhouse is always busy and when you try one of their burgers you will know why.  I’ve been several times and each burger is wonderful, they make their own buns with multiple choices.  Below are three of the burgers I’ve tried there.

Avocado Cheeseburger

Fresh avocado with swiss or cheddar cheese.  I usually go with the swiss which works great with the avocado taste.
A simple, yet eloquent burger.

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger

This burger is for those of you who like a little kick in the spicy area.  Texas Monthly rated it one of the best in Texas.

Ted’s “Destruction” Burger

As the menu says, a little bit of everything.  I’ve had this bad boy multiple times and it is a little messy but well worth it.

Out of all the burger places I’ve eaten at, I would rank this number 1 overall for quality and flavor.  The burgers are large and they serve plenty of fries (they also have sweet potato fries).  They serve breakfast now but I have not had the chance to try that out yet.
Hopefully soon!


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