David Beard’s Catfish Village


David Beard’s Catfish Village in Ore City, Texas has been around since 1968 and first location for the David Beard chain of fish restaurants.  There are now 15 in 3 states (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana).


This  Cafish Village has the all you can eat catfish, french fries, cole slaw and hushpuppies.  I have been several times and they are always great.  This trip they outdid themselves,

CV005 CV004
The cole slaw is crisp and has great flavor.  The hushpuppies are perfect after dipping them in butter (some people like to dip them in ketchup).

CV007 CV008
The fish and fries are the main items and the fish on this trip was huge, came straight out of the oven and nice and soft inside.  The fries were large and golden, cooked perfectly.  This is a must for anyone who loves catfish and is in the area.  If you are not interested in catfish they do have other items on their menu.

CV003 CV001


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