Billy Bob’s Dairy Land


1901 W 76 Country Blvd., Branson, Missouri 65616—(417) 337-9292

I recently spent a few days in Branson with the family and we ate at several very good restaurants.  One of them was Billy Bob’s Dairy Land.  This restaurant shares a building with a Shell gas station but don’t let that deter you from checking them out.  They have amazing hamburgers. I bought the double cheeseburger with fries.  The burger was huge, they do not skimp on the meat.  The patties were very thick and cooked perfect. The fries and onion rings were very good as well.  They are suppose to have amazing fried pies but I didn’t try one as the burger and fries filled me up. I highly recommend this restaurant.


Waffle House

On our way home from Memphis, we decided to stop at a Waffle House. There really wasn’t too great a choice in Forrest City, AR. 

Now, I’ve been to a couple of these that weren’t very sanitary but this one was fairly clean.

Kind of fun to see them cook the food, the cook was pretty fast.

All of us had the All Star Breakfast.

The food was pretty good for a diner. Their waffle maker is basically the same that you find at a hotel breakfast.

You just have to try your luck to see if you get a good Waffle House like this one. 

Abe’s BBQ 

A couple friends and I went on a little Delta Blues excursion recently to Rosedale, MS and Clarksdale, MS. Both of these locations claim to be where Robert Johnson ‘came to the crossroads and sold his soul.’ 

We ate lunch at Abe’s BBQ in Clarksdale near those crossroads.  

Abe’s has been around since about 1924. 

I had the pulled pork sandwich which was very good.

The service was good and friendly.

My friends both had the chopped beef and both said it was ok but not great, so maybe the pork is a better option as it was juicy and had good texture.

Either way, it’s always good to try something different.  As far as the Robert Kohnson crossroads, we all agreed that Rosedale was a better choice as the real location.

Posados (Longview, TX)

There are several Mexican food chains in Longview; Jalapeño Tree, El Chico, and Papacitas to name a few.  Posados is another one of those located in an area less traveled (at least by people looking for food).  Most of the restaurants are on the loop.  

Posados is one of the better chain restaurants.  All of them are consistent with the quality of food.

My favorite go-to-dish is chili relleno.   Posados has a pretty good one.

They are a little more pricey than jalapeño Tree but it is worth the price.

Butcher Shop and Bakery

It’s been several years since I’ve been to this restaurant.  It’s kind of tucked away behind other places on a part of town I don’t usually go to anymore.  

They have pretty good hamburgers but I had a good burger the day before so I chose the Chicken fried steak with French fries.  The steak was very good but I didn’t care much for the fries.  

They prepare meat for purchase just like a butcher would.

They also make cakes, pies, cookies and other dessert items.

Good place to eat, but if you get chicken fried steak, order a baked potato or salad with it instead of fries.

Bubba’s Pizza, Burgers, and Beer

Tried a new restaurant in Longview, Texas.

They have many televisions side beside next to each other all around the walls.

I started with the onion ring appetizer. 

They were good and $4 cheaper than the ones at Red Robin.  My mother tried the Nacho Salad.

I tried the Patriot burger which, a beef patty topped with mozzarella cheese sticks, pizza sauce, roasted garlic mayo, pepperoni, and basil.
For each Patriot Burger sold during the month of June, Bubba’s 33 will donate $1 to the Homes For Our Troops Organization. mozzarella, pepperoni, marinara sauce and hamburger patty.  

All of it was delicious and the service was great. So check them out and see if the have a location near you.


Cactus is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Pittsburg, TX.   This is one of my favorite places to eat.  They have great food and great service.  

My favorite dish here is the Sopes.

Sopes are a flat thick fried corn tortilla with different ingredients depending on who makes them.  They have a great not to spicy green salsa you can top them with.  

Every meal comes with complimentary chips and salsa.

If you are in Pittsburg then come try them out.